Thriving in the Entrepreneurial Life

Putting Humanity & Meaning Back into the Journey

Embrace Life’s Calling

Entrepreneurship and life are two sides of the same coin. If we heed the call, they are the most heroic of journeys.  They are about showing up each day and pushing through our greatest obstacles and fears towards something greater than ourselves. They depend upon our determination to expand ourselves and, in doing so, improve our world. They are about say “No” to “just getting by for the next xyz years” and making the ordinary into the extraordinary. Only through discovering who we truly are, embracing our strengths while facing our shadows and our dragons can we realize what we seek. Master ourselves and we master our world. Entrepreneurship is a metaphor for life and the Entrepreneur’s Journey is really about self-discovery, truly testing what we are capable of and finding meaning and purpose as a result.

“What if work was not some dreadful obligation and means for the rest of our life but the means for the fullness and creative expression of your soul? Imagine that.”
— Jerry Colonna

That Which Keeps Us Small

However, we don’t always answer the call. We let our fears and shadows dictate a different course or create self-doubts about being enough. We can lose our sense of purpose. Sages for 5,000 years have shown us the way. While simple, it’s not easy. In short, it is through Mastery progressing towards our higher selves that we have success and contentment and purpose.

This blog is about this creative art form. It will focus on:

  • Discovering true narratives
  • Developing key skills, habits & disciplines
  • Leaving the campground cleaner
  • Building great companies
  • And, most importantly, enjoying the ride

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
— Carl Jung

About me

I am obsessed with understanding the drivers & derailers to sustainable entrepreneurial success. What drives success over the long run and how we can enjoy peak performance and drive while minimizing the toxic side effects of fear and avoid exhaustion. This blog is my journal of this quest.

I have invested in over 70 companies, completed more than 400 financings, looked at over 20,000 business plans across three boom/bust cyclesI grew up Read more…